“Thank you so much for your help on Ms. A’s behalf. She tells me she is absolutely delighted with your cataract surgery for her right eye, with that procedure being much smoother than the one she had for her left eye elsewhere. She states the reason she waited six to seven years for the surgery for her right eye is because of the difficulty she had with her left eye. I will see her in six to seven months’ time, and recommended she continue in your fine care. I thought you might like to know she told me she had such a pleasant and excellent experience with you that she almost wishes she had another eye that you can operate on! Thank you once again for your help.”

-Referring Physician

“Thank you for your marvelous cataract surgery for Mr. M. He tells me he is delighted with your care and expertise. His vision today is 20/20 in both eyes. I recommend he continue in your care, and I will see him in one year’s time. Thank you again for your help on his behalf.”

-Referring Physician

“As I marvel at the outstanding eyesight I now have after the two procedures you performed, a “Thank You” seems so inadequate for the truly wonderful results. For me it is a miracle how great my vision is now. We are so fortunate that you devoted the many years of study and practice to perfect your profession. Today a fellow can “dunk a basket, sink a putt, hit a homerun” and receive so much public acclaim, yet the skilled, delicate work you do for so many, many people day after day really make a difference in one’s life.”

-Anonymous Cataract Surgery Patient

“Dr. Goldberg and staff was there for my late husband and I will always be grateful. No one in the Tampa Bay area could help him. Dr. Goldberg's treatment was truly a miracle. He was the only doctor who had the brain-power and the care-power! Thank you for my excellent care as well."

-Anonymous Patient

"It is a joy to deal with a doctor today who puts the patient's well-being first. A lot of them don't..."

-Anonymous Patient

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